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9 Diet 'Miracles' You Might Want to Avoid

9 Diet 'Miracles' You Might Want to Avoid

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Every year, Americans spend $35 million on weight-loss products. Weight-loss supplements are a big part of the industry. These over the counter dietary suplements can be found everywhere: celebrities endorse them in the news, and there is always a new product on the market promising a “new you.” Many manufacturing companies promise quick fix weight-loss, but the dangerous side effects aren’t always advertised. Not only that, but they are not even regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Click here for 9 Diet “Miracles” You Might Want to Avoid (Slideshow)

“Because the FDA does not regulate or inspect these products, many can be tainted with insecticides, toxins, or even with prescription drugs,” says Dr. Sue Decotiis, owner of a weight-loss practice in New York City, and creator of her own pharmaceutical grade weight-loss product. “Even if they are not contaminated, supplements often contain doses of ingredients different than those listed.”

Not surprisingly, the FDA often recalls these products after users experience life-threatening side effects.

There have been countless lawsuits against these weight-loss supplement companies, but they never seem to solve the problem. So the buyer must always beware.

“Even after the FDA warns a particular company about a product, that product can be relabeled and redistributed through a different company,” Decotiis explained.

Sadly, even naturally derived products can be dangerous because there is no oversight to supervise the manufacturing of these supplements. There is no labeling protocol in place to warn customers if there are harmful ingredients in them, so this information only surfaces when users report adverse side effects to the FDA and Federal Trade Commision. The potency of the ingredients in these supplements isn’t properly indicated, so consumers don’t know if there is enough of the weight loss ingredient in the pill to actually do anything. Ultimately, many of these supplements don’t work at all, but the marketing claims aren’t closely monitored either, allowing companies to pretty much advertise as they please.

Before you consider using any of these weight-loss aids, read through our slideshow to see what diet “miracles” you may want to avoid.

9 Quotes by Paulo Coelho That Will Change the Way You Live Your Life

In total, his books were sold more than two million times in over 80 languages.

Coelho’s books teach profound life lessons by telling fascinating stories in a simple, easy-to-understand language.

Whenever he’s asked about the meaning of life, he states that he knows as little as anybody else but that he’s constantly asking questions.

He once shared that he believes his writing resonates with so many people, not because of the answers he gives but because of the questions he asks.

Top 10 ways to lose stubborn fat

We all want the holy grail of fat burning advice to the point where we’d probably sell our first born child, and maybe even the second one, all for a magic pill which will make that stubborn adipose tissue get the hell off our waistlines and annoy somebody else.

This article isn’t aimed at the excessively ‘large’ person, or the person just about to get up on stage and display a ‘Most Musclular’ at the next Mr Olympia. I’m talking to those that are pretty fit, but have hit a roadblock and just can’t seem to shift that muffin top.

Attack from every angle

Ok, so there are nearly 50 kagillion ways to lose fat, but none of them are miracles. You really need a solid and consistent approach to your fat loss. I cannot stress this enough: It REALLY IS the sum of all parts. If you aren’t attacking your excess flab from multiple angles, your results will suffer.

Ways to lose stubborn fat

Even if you can’t achieve the below ten, aim for eight of them a1nd you WILL see significant improvements to your physique.

Set yourself an 8 week window and stick to the plan. Then check your measurements, your pants and the mirror and tell me if you don’t look leaner and meaner…

#1 Get more shut-eye

Sleep deprivation reduces the amount of leptin in the body, a substance that suppresses appetite and lets you know when you are full. Lack of sleep can also lead to a decrease in insulin sensitivity. Poor insulin sensitivity also causes the body to more readily store energy as fat. Some great info on how much sleep you need (we’re all different) can be found here.

Hot tip: give up watching infomercials in the wee hours and hit the sack early. You’ll thank me for it and so will your wallet.

#2 Limit carbs

I’m not saying remove carbs completely, but think of it this way: The body is like a car, whilst carbs are the ’fuel’ required to run it. When you go home to park your car, do you really think you need to add more fuel?

#3 Be consistent

Efforts that you make on a consistent basis will be rewarded. Often we struggle and lose sight of the end goal as our fat loss begins to decline. Make no mistake, the body WILL adapt to every form of weight-loss strategy we throw at it, so you have to change it up and ‘keep the body guessing’.

Hot tip: Change your program every 6-8 weeks to keep yourself motivated (even if it’s just minor adjustments to existing exercises).

#4 Eat less

Seriously, I just said ‘eat less’ without a grin on my face. Ok, so don’t starve yourself by any means, but try avoiding seconds. We can survive on a lot less than you would think and still look and feel healthy and more importantly, shed excess kilos more easily.

Hot tip: Don’t skip training days, but if you do – reduce your food portion sizes for the days you miss the gym.

#5 Introduce HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training should be ‘up there’ on your priority list when trying to budge stubborn body fat . To mix it up, do it after a 45min weight session. At Other times, try doing 20mins of HIIT followed by another 20mins of steady-pace running/elliptical.

Hot tip: Mix up your cardio. Try to do a combination of HIIT and weights if possible. If you do classes, and enjoy them, add other things to the mix to throw the body into a state of ‘WTF?’

#6 Drink more water

You already knew this one right? If your water intake is low, your body thinks it’s entering a drought. As a result, it’ll react by storing as much water as possible to get through it. This extra, stored water leaves you looking and feeling bloated. Take in more water, and your body will cease to hold onto it.

Hot tip: Aim for 8 glasses a day at the minimum. Or as a general guide, if your urine is yellow, then you’re not drinking enough.

#7 Train twice a day

This isn’t possible for a lot of people, but for those that have the time (and the inclination), add an additional 45min walk at the opposite end of the day to your normal training. This can really fuel your fat burning fire for a lot longer.

Hot tip: Avoid over training and listen to your body. If you are tired from the morning session, don’t push your luck. You’ll either end up sick or injuring yourself in the process.

#8 Cut back on alcohol

This may seem obvious, but how many of us STILL drink alcohol when trying to achieve supreme shredded-ness? I’ve been guilty of this in the past (and still am), but if you want to reach the next level, try a lifestyle without it for a while.

Hot tip: Giving up the last legal social lubricant is difficult for ANYONE but try it for a month and see how much better your progress is and how much better you feel. You can have a beer at the end as a reward. I promise.

#9 Reduce salt (sodium) and eat non-processed foods

Salt hinders the bloods ability to pass nutrients through your system essentially ‘clogging it up’. This will cause the body to retain more water. Also, try to eat foods that are in their ‘raw’ form – Nuts, grains, meat, eggs, fruits, veg and the list goes on. If you’re reaching for a bag of chips, eat an apple or grab a protein shake instead.

Hot tip: When training for fat-loss, and I’m feeling like Starvin Marvin, I mix a scoop of whey protein powder in a glass of water and consume.
Presto – not hungry anymore.

#10 Increase protein intake

Finally, try to substitute protein into places where you would normally snack on chips, breads and other starchy foods (which will ultimatelyleave you feeling hungry). Protein is essential for muscle building but more importantly, it will leave you satiated for longer. You’ll end up eating less during the day as you’ll feel full (hopefully).

Hot tip: Increasing your protein intake is easy if you purchase powered whey. However, don’t limit yourself to just shakes – the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals can be readily found in solid meat products such as beef and poultry.

Editor’s note: What are your OWN effective methods for fat-loss? Leave them in the comments below.

Why does God perform miracles?

Kids Talk About God

Why does God perform miracles?

By Carey Kinsolving and friends

Miracles are big business today. If you have any doubt, type the word “miracle” into your favorite online search engine.

My personal favorite is “The Cat Miracle Diet” website. This diet promises the same lean, svelte figure as most cats. By dining on lizard tails, blades of grass and moths, “you’ll find that you not only look and feel better, but you will have a whole new outlook on what constitutes food.”

Do you ever feel like there are some miracles you can live without? We don’t need phony miracles concocted by faith healers with batteries in their pockets to ensure that the unsuspecting receive a jolt when touched.

It is no surprise that seekers of God want to experience the power and presence of God in a miracle. “God performed miracles so He can show people He is God,” says Wesley, age unknown. “God can bring people from death to life. He can do anything.”

Jerusalem’s religious leaders plotted the death of another person in addition to Jesus. After Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, many Jews believed in Jesus as their messiah. Lazarus be-came a walking billboard proclaiming Jesus’ power over death.

“God performed miracles because he did not want anyone to be sad,” says Hunter, age 7.

One of my favorite responses to a miracle is the lame man healed by God through the Apostle Peter. After receiving strength in his feet and ankles, he entered the temple “walking, leaping, and praising God” (Acts 3:8).

He didn’t try to be cool. The healed man wanted everyone to know what God had done.

“I think God performs miracles because more people might believe in him,” says Valerie, 8.

You might think that the more miracles God performs, the more people would believe. It ain’t necessarily so.

Jesus said, “Woe,” and he wasn’t riding a horse. He denounced the people in several cities where few believed though he had done many miracles there. Speaking of Capernaum, Jesus said, “For if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day” (Matthew 11:23).

Sodom’s infamous reputation and its fiery destruction live until this day, yet God will judge Capernaum’s inhabitants more harshly than Sodom’s. What can we learn from this?

God holds us accountable for the spiritual light available to us. Think of miracles as laser light impulses that momentarily penetrate the spiritual darkness of this world. Certainly, those who saw Jesus perform miracles enjoyed light in a way that the inhabitants of Sodom never had.

We live in a time of unparalleled revelation. The spiritual light available to us in many ways exceeds that of even Jesus’ apostles. We have the complete Bible, which was still being written in their day, and a history of almost 2,000 years of the gospel transforming lives and entire nations.

Think about this: Many of us may be waiting for the laser-light-in-the-sky kind of miracle, when the greatest miracle of all is staring us in the face. God’s love for us as revealed in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the ultimate miracle that defies explanation. We don’t fully understand why he loves us, but he does.

Memorize this truth: “But God demonstrates His own love to-ward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

Ask this question: Have you experienced God’s greatest miracle, the new birth that God has promised to all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ?

Weight Loss Recipes

It’s amazing how many requests I’ve gotten for weight loss recipes!

I know, a lot of you are probably thinking…southern cooking and weight loss don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can have great tasting, low calorie, and low fat down home cooking.

I will be adding links to the bottom of this page to lots and lots of weight loss recipes that are low calorie recipes and are also low in fat and high in fiber to help you lose that extra weight but first let me give you some tips.

Tips for successful weight loss :

• Don’t expect miracles. You didn’t put the weight on overnight and it’s not going to come off overnight.

• Accept the fact that you are human and YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES! So you ate that chocolate covered donut and now you feel guilty and tell yourself, “Well, I blew it now, I might as well just eat whatever I want the rest of the day and I’ll start again tomorrow.” Don’t make matters worse. Just forgive yourself and “get right back on the wagon”. today. Don’t wait until tomorrow!

• Take a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. That way you won’t be so tempted to drink all of those high calorie sodas.

• You know those nutrition labels that they put on food? Start reading them. Limit your fat to no more than 20% of your daily calories.

• Eat a minimum of 2 fruits and 3 vegetables everyday. When you choose fruits and veggies at the store, choose the colorful ones. A bright orange carrot and dark green lettuce have a lot more vitamins and minerals than pale colored ones.

• You want to push that food on through? You’ll need 15 to 20 grams of fiber to your diet everyday.

• It takes 3,500 calories to equal one pound of body weight.

• You should never go below 1,200 calories per day without first talking to your doctor. If you need to lose a lot of weight, you might need more calories, so check with your doctor.

• It’s not just about what you eat. You need to start moving. You don’t have to run 5 miles, just start walking…a mile…2 miles…start out small and work your way up.

• When you go to the salad bar, try to limit: Marinated veggies, Croutons, Olives, Salad dressings, Cheeses, Sunflower seeds, Avocado, Salads made with mayonnaise and Bacon bits.

• If you find yourself having to eat fast food, make sure to choose grilled or sliced meats, stay away from the cheese, drink water, diet soda or skim milk, have ketchup or mustard instead of mayonnaise based sauces, stay away from the desserts and fries.

• Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week.

• Take a vitamin and mineral supplement to make sure your getting your recommended daily allowances.

• Walking in the snow will burn twice as many calories as walking on a hard, dry sidewalk?

• If you take a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day just 4 days a week, instead of watching that TV show, at the end of the year you will have burned around 32,400 calories and have lost 9 pounds!

• Do you like to play golf? If you leave the cart behind and walk the 18-hole course, you will have walked almost 5 miles!

2021 Daniel Fast

As 2020 comes to a close, the world is desperate for hope. After months of dealing with the unique challenges of the COVID pandemic, fear is rampant. People are isolated, weary, lonely, and depressed. Perhaps you are, too. One truth we need to remember is that God is isn’t at all surprised by the events of the past year. While it may appear on the surface that the situation is getting worse, I believe what’s happening is a setup for something greater than we can imagine. A setup for miracles.

If you want to see God do the impossible in your life, join the 2021 Daniel Fast. The them for this year is “Miracles in the Making,” based upon Psalm 77:14: “You are the God who performs miracles you display your power among the peoples.”

Decide now to commit to the Daniel Fast, and watch what God does in response to your commitment. As François Fénelon, former French archbishop and theologian, said, “Time spent in prayer is never wasted.” Join me and thousands of believers across the globe as we believe God for miracles in 2021.

For more information on the 21-day fast, see About the Daniel Fast

Grilled Egg Plant Breakfast

These grilled eggplant slices can be something quick to be whipped up on school mornings or before you go to work. Pair these with a scrambled or boiled eggs and you have a full breakfast that will give you the energy you need to get through your day.


  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons of vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons of lemon juice (fresh or not)
  • 1 teaspoons of minced garlic (or to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon of Aleppo pepper (or to taste)
  • 1 large eggplant
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Enough olive oil to cover the eggplants
  • About 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley
  • About 2 tablespoons of chopped mint
  1. Wash and cut the eggplant, semi-thick, and lay on paper towels in a single layer. Sprinkle some salt on both sides (you can let them dry out for about twenty minutes if you like, but you don’t have to).
  2. You can now whisk together all the ingredients for the sauce and chop the mint and parsley. Now preheat a frying pan.
  3. Before you cook the eggplant, lay a piece of paper towel over them and squeeze some of the water out of them. Now, after brushing the eggplant with olive oil you can begin to cook them until they are crispy and/or golden brown around the edges.
  4. Once the eggplant is finished cooking, you can spoon the sauce over it, letting it sit and cool with the sauce on so that they can absorb the flavors.
  5. Finally, add the mint and parsley and serve warm or room temperature.

A Simple and Practical Method

Meal Replacement Diet comes in different forms: cereal or chocolate bars, canned drinks, creams in creamy cup dishes, powders to be diluted to obtain a soup, an omelet, a pancake, bread, and even dehydrated cooked dishes.

They are used to replace the meal of your choice, breakfast, lunch or dinner, as part of a low-calorie diet. Their composition is strictly regulated, they provide between 200 and 400 kcal, they are rich in proteins, poor in fats and sugars, and obligatorily provide 30% of the recommended daily allowance, in 12 vitamins and 11 minerals.

Easy to carry, meal replacements are particularly suitable for those who do not have much time to make a good little dish. Especially since they require almost no preparation. They are therefore very practical to avoid skipping a meal.

Think Of a Filling Supplement

In the attack phase, you can use two meal replacements to replace breakfast and one of the two main meals. It is important that lunch or dinner be kept as common foods but low in fat. So you can continue to share moments of pleasure and conviviality. For example, for dinner, you can opt for a portion of meat-fish-egg, one of vegetables and / or starchy foods, as well as one or two slices of whole meal bread, all accompanied by a 0% dairy product of MG and a fruit. Remember to hydrate yourself throughout the day, thanks to water but also herbal teas.

In the stabilization phase, replace a single meal of your day with a substitute.

Do Not Neglect the Pleasure of Eating

With the exception of bars that are better avoided, effective substitutes fish by the absence of “crunchiness”. Result: they do not require any chewing effort, which jointly harms the pleasure of eating and the feeling of satiety. Also, consume beforehand some vegetables, cooked or raw like cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks or radishes, according to your tastes, or even a fruit for dessert.

Continue To Monitor the Diet

If you are content to replace a few meals with substitutes, without otherwise monitoring your diet, do not expect miracles. You may eat more at subsequent meals. Your weight will not move.

To Consume With Moderation

Meal replacements can be an aid in starting a diet because they are effective in making up for a gap or replacing a meal that would otherwise have been skipped. Be careful, however, not to consume them more than 3 or 4 weeks in a row in order to avoid certain deficiencies or the appearance of digestive or cardiac disorders. Consume one or two substitutes per day and keep other real meals. These should be balanced and not exceed the recommended calorie rations. Do not hesitate to get help from certain websites which offer sample menus and slimming recipes, or even a coaching program with the edition of your shopping list.

Buying Guide: Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss 2020

What are the best weight loss shakes? And what should I pay attention to when choosing my diet shake? If you’ve only had a few experiences with slimming shakes and you’re still undecided on what to buy, this nu3 buying guide can help:

Meal replacement diet plan Guidelines

What are the legal criteria that slimming shakes must meet since 2016?

  • The energy value authorized for a meal replacement is limited to 200 to 250 kcal per meal.
  • The protein content must be 25% minimum and 50% maximum. The fat content should not exceed 30%.
  • A high content of vitamins and minerals is required (at least 30% of the nutritional reference value).

Fiber content

Dietary fiber (such as inulin or psyllium husks) has the property of being able to absorb large amounts of water, which makes them swell in the stomach. In the event of high consumption of dietary fibers, these swell in the stomach and delay digestion which increases the feeling of satiety, and it takes more time before hunger returns. [4]

Since it is essential not to be constantly hungry when following a diet based on a slimming meal replacement, it is important that best meal replacement shake for weight loss contain enough fiber. You can find out the amount of fiber in a meal replacement by consulting the table of nutritional values. Foods with a fiber content of at least 6 grams per 100 grams are considered high in fiber and make the best meal replacement shakes. A product is only considered a source of fiber from 3 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams.

Sugar content

In addition to the fiber content, it is equally important to pay attention to the amount of sugar contained in slimming drinks. In order to maintain a low calorie count and not allow the blood sugar level to rise excessively after consumption, the sugar content should be as low as possible. However, a completely sugar-free product is not a healthy meal replacement shake.

Additives and allergens

A high quality weight loss powder contains as few additives as possible and is free from common allergens, such as gluten and lactose. Many manufacturers of meal shakes also offer lactose-free variants. Another positive point is the absence of gelatin.

Instructions for use and information on the packaging

Quality weight loss shakes must include all the important nutritional information on the packaging, as well as the exact method of preparation, but it must also mention the importance of having a sufficient daily intake of water.

Diversity of flavors

As part of a two-week diet, it pays to have your favorite product available in different flavors. This brings more variety and will certainly lead to greater motivation and resistance during your weight loss phase.

Meal replacements have invaded supermarket shelves. Based on the principle of a low-calorie diet, they allow precise control of energy intake. However, they should be used with caution.

Is meal replacement shakes good for weight loss?

As part of a “diet formula”, one to three meals a day are replaced by slimming drinks specially intended for weight loss. According to regulations, they contain a maximum of 250 calories per serving, which is lower than many classic dishes (for example, a portion of spaghetti bolognese contains 690 kcal).

As a result, those who stay constant and don’t consume the calories saved through intermediate snacks can expect to lose weight. Why? Indeed, with a slimming shake, the daily caloric intake is lower than the daily caloric consumption (what is called the basic metabolic rate). In the case of such a “calorie deficit”, the body covers its energy needs from its own fat and muscle cells. To keep muscle cells from breaking down as little as possible, slimming drinks are rich in protein.

PH miracle living

Many people who adopt the pH Miracle Diet are not sure how to maintain it. Before adopting this diet, they used to eat ready-to-eat packages, meat, and other acid-forming food. While the pH Miracle Diet permits people to eat these occassionally, the rest of the diet is something totally new to those who have newly adopted it.

If you search online or in books written about pH Miracle Diet, you will find any number of recipes that have an alkalizing effect on your body. Keep looking for fresh ideas, and you will find that you are never short of meal plans. At first, you will find the meals and the methods of cooking them strange. However, a day will come when they form an important part of your nature.

The biggest mistake that many families who adopt the pH Miracle Diet make is to learn and cook only a few types of meals. You could end up getting bored with this and going back to your old acid-forming diet. You can avoid such a thing from happening by finding ten pH Miracle recipes that interest you and trying a new meal plan every week. Learn new recipes every week and collect alkalizing recipes till you have a very good collection of meals that the entire family can enjoy.

Cook Your Family's Favorite Foods

Study the lists of alkalizing foods and choose the ones that are already favorites in your family. Find some recipes in which you can use your family's favorite fruits or vegetables. Then, your family will not find the changes in diet a torture. They will find it easier to adjust to the new diet. Start your new diet with foods that your family already likes, instead of bombarding them right away with items such as kale, tofu, and dandelion root.

First and foremost, try an alkalizing broth. You can modify it in many ways to suit your family's taste. The basic ingredients that go into it are a few alkalizing vegetables and pure water. Taking this broth will not only give your body the nutrients it requires, but also balance your body's pH level. It detoxifies your organs and tissues. You can use the basic broth for more complex recipes. Alternatively, you could make it the first course of an alkalizing meal.

Many people who have adopted the pH Miracle Diet drink juices to get rid of the excess acid in their bodies. You could use one of the popular alkalizing juice recipes. It will make your new diet all the more exciting. You could drink juice for your breakfast. Juice also serves as a hearthy snack in case you feel hungry in the middle of the day. You don't really need a juicer becaues you can easily make most of these juices on your blender.

You will require all your creative power to find recipes that would interest children. A number of children's vegetarian recipe books could come to your aid. You could simply modify these recipes to make them more alkalizing.

For example, a lot of fruits such as apples, strawberries, and raspberries are on the list of alkalizing food. Many children love sweet potatoes, which are highly alkalizing and good during the winter. Fresh vegetables, such as celery, make excellent snacks during the hot days of the summer. You could also use homemade hummus or lemon juice and mayonnaise sauce to dip them in.

You need a little time, research, and practise to create dozens of mouth-watering alkalizing dishes. Soon, the pH Miracle diet will be an established dietary habit in your family.

DON’T: Expect miracles.

Let’s be real: Eating right for a week isn’t going to counteract decades of subsisting on fries and Frappuccinos. But it is enough to reduce some of the more irritating aspects of those symptoms, like the bloating linked with a high-salt diet, and theꃺtigue associated with blood sugar crashes.

“The most that can happen in a week’s time is that you make choices that help reduce bloating and puffiness. Any promises beyond that are more about marketing and hyperbole than anything else,” Bellatti said.

But committing to treating your body well — even if only for a few days — might be enough to lay the foundation for months or years of future healthy eating. If you can prove to yourself that you can treat your body right (and that it feels good to do so), you just might be more likely to keep it up later on.