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Sandwich Anastasia vesela

Sandwich Anastasia vesela

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The cheese is mixed with butter, put on the bread

The mouth is formed from olives, the eyes from carrots

From the rest of the vegetables are formed the ears, the hair, the bow tie

Anastasia Florea, a Moldovan woman who discovered her passion for cooking in Italy

Anastasia Florea is a Moldovan who has been living in Italy for some time, where she discovered her talent for cooking and creates art on her plates. She also owns a blog, Passione Peperone, where she shares wonderful recipes about the blog and her passion for culinary art.

I have a small family, but made up of big cravings. Unfortunately, I did not have many moments related to cooking with my family, because at the age of 19 I took my suitcase full of notebooks and left for Italy to study at the Faculty of Architecture (I am an architect by profession). & Icircn these 19 years I had practically never cooked, but I always admired the mastery of my mother - a skilled and very skilled housewife. As a child, I knew that eating would have an important place in my life, although everything was obvious from the very first moment of my life & ndash the moment & icircn that I was born & ndash exactly at dinner time.

I started cooking when I wanted to amaze my half. In fact, I always went to the restaurant and I felt the need to have beautiful moments & icircn in a more comfortable, free and simple atmosphere, so I invited him to dinner. I scoured the internet to cook something more special, and in the end I chose something safe - I cooked her famous Olivier salad (here known as the Russian salad (Russian salad n.r.). I remembered about the amount of ingredients, it's just a shame that we were preparing this holiday salad and in huge quantities. Finally, I made a large saucepan with salad and ate it for a week! P & acircnă & icircn today & icircmi tells me that I conquered it precisely through that salad and since then & hellip no longer eats it.

The moment I started cooking constantly, I realized that seeing the pleasantly surprised face of people tasting the cooked food and the whole process of cooking makes me happy. Later I wanted to give this satisfaction to others, and my family, friends, colleagues from the university told me that it would be good for this passion to grow and take the form of a culinary blog.

I don't think I could give a name or say a certain category of dishes that are more appreciated from what I cook, because I had special appreciations for some dishes from the Moldovan gastronomic culture, as well as the Italian one. And I can say one thing for sure - world-famous Italian recipes such as risotto, pasta (especially carbonara and lasagna), pizza, focaccia, tiramis & ugrave and panna cotta are in high demand.

At the moment, our family is made up of only two members and, apparently, it might seem easy in terms of movement, but that is not the case. The other member of our little family is very picky and, at first, doesn't eat any vegetables except tomatoes and lettuce. But fortunately, my passion for cooking also expanded his passion for trying a wider gastronomy. I don't have a favorite kind of food. The fact is that I have become & bdquomacaronara & rdquo! I am a neophile person and I dream of exploring all the cuisines of the world. And until then, from what is tasted, the heart and stomach are fully conquered by the Italian gastronomic culture. Italian gastronomy caught my eye and seduced my taste buds from the first moments, although, with great pride, I keep a special place in my heart for Moldovan cuisine, and this blog is a means of expression, regardless of language or origin.

The process of cooking the dishes is extremely interesting. If I were to look at it from one side, I would certainly say that it is going on in a funny way, and, being in the very core of this process, I can say that it is going on in a bizarre way, but also very interesting. Usually, I do it on my own (only on weekends I can have a helping hand from him), so the functions of chef, photographer, food stylist, graphic designer, blogger and others come together to create a single recipe.

But it often happens that I need a new ingredient or a separate accessory, and then I involve Alessandro a lot, I call him and I say: & bdquoYou know, I think I'd need something special & icircn backstage today - maybe some yellow tomatoes (& icircn full winter) to light up the picture some fresh lavender twigs, because it would go well with the purple crockery a piece of p & acircnză turquoise, but which tends more towards the blue of the sky than towards the green, because this way it will highlight the protagonist of the recipe & hellip& rdquo and so on - God has endowed him with much self-control. Sometimes he gets home and finds me climbing on the table / island as I photograph the dishes or somewhere in the yard / garden with the plate of meatballs, pasta or something else, because there the grass is greener, the light more intense and so on. Sometimes I cook something, especially sweet, and if the artificial light does not value all its beauty, then we must leave it untouched until the next day and put our appetite on the nail.

Usually, ingredients are my source of inspiration, especially fruits and vegetables grown in my own garden. I pay special attention to the concept of sustainability & icircn our kitchen, so I care a lot about using organic, local, seasonal, and natural products, and reusing them to avoid any kind of waste. For the most part, the recipes on the blog cook them only once, because either they have been cooking for a long time in the family, or they are successful innovations that conquer us from the first. Although, I have to admit that in the case of sweets it is not like that at all, I may need a lot more attempts, failures, time, so experience than with the rest of the dishes that I could cook with my eyes closed.

Who eats these dishes? We! Although food photos are known for the fact that most dishes are not edible (for a more photogenic result), in my case this is not the case. Our priority is for the food to be edible, well-cooked and tasty, and for the second time to be appetizing for pictures. I cook and cook in portions, so I cook everything fresh before eating, and then when we cook more - we invite Alessandro's parents, grandmother, friends, and so on.

If I have managed to learn to cook, then everyone can do it! As in any field, it takes a desire to try, the power to repeat no matter the number of failures, a lot of dedication, experience and information. The reward that is given to you is the satisfaction received from the result, the moments of silence when the mouth is full of goodies and no one wants to waste time on superfluous words, because the sparks of happiness in people's eyes say everything. Try it, make mistakes (it's the best way to learn) and enjoy the dishes cooked with your loved ones!

Preparation for the recipe Romanian hamburger with smoked meat and homemade sausages

Fry the smoked neck and muscle, in a pan or on the grill.

Place a fried nape over a piece of polenta, fried smoked muscle, and an omelet over them.

The omelet is made

Put a piece of cheese over the omelette and put everything in the preheated oven, on maximum heat, to melt a little. Leave for 3-4 minutes.

Put the second piece of polenta, resulting in the hamburger.

Cover with a slice of cheese and put back in the oven to melt.

& # 8221I can't wait to get to heaven with you & # 8221

During this time, Băicoianu's family is devastated. Anastasia, his girlfriend, left a heartbreaking message on his Facebook page.

& # 8222I was the light of your eyes, you loved me and I loved you in every moment. I would write a novel about how beautiful and cheerful our love was, you made my life completely happy, I just wanted to stay with you all my life. I would write and I would write, but I still can't accept that it's true. I would tell the whole world what a wonderful man I had with me. Dear soul, no one can erase the longing for you. I can't wait to get to heaven with you & # 8221, wrote Anastasia.


Hello dear lusts. At the beginning of the weekend I urge you to prepare something sweet and delicious, namely OREO CHEESECAKE without baking. It is a creamy, sweet dessert and the longest is the waiting time. Because I don't use gelatin, this cheesecake needs to stay in the fridge or even in the freezer longer. But believe me, the result is worth the wait. Surely you, your family and friends will be pleasantly amazed by how creamy and crunchy this cheesecake is. I hope you like it and prepare it with pleasure. I still wish you a tasty day and good appetite!


  • 400 gr. & # 8211 cream cheese
  • 250 ml. - sweet cream 35%
  • 150 gr. - powdered sugar
  • 50 gr. - oreo biscuits
  • 1 teaspoon - vanilla essence

For the biscuit crust:

For decoration:

Difficulty: small

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Waiting time: 5-10 hours

Number of servings: 8-10

Method of preparation:

  1. Crush the biscuits in a blender, mix until the biscuits are completely crushed. Then add the melted butter and mix a little more until these two ingredients combine. Put the mixture obtained in a removable round tray (22 cm), press it well and evenly, so as to form a nicely leveled crust.
  2. In the meantime, take care of the filling. Put the cream cheese in a large bowl, add powdered sugar, vanilla and mix well with a hand mixer until the composition becomes creamy.
  3. Pour the sweet cream into another bowl and mix it in the same way with a hand mixer until it hardens well.
  4. Take a tablespoon of whipped cream and lightly incorporate it with the cream cheese.
  5. Once you have incorporated them, transfer 1/3 of the cream to another bowl and add crushed Oreo biscuits to it, then mix.
  6. Pour the biscuit cream over the initially prepared crust and level it nicely, then put it on top of the other one and smooth it lightly.
  7. Put the tray in the fridge for 8-10 hours (or overnight), you can also put the tray in the freezer for 5 hours and put it in the fridge an hour before serving the cheesecake.
  8. Remove the cheesecake from the cold and decorate it with melted chocolate, crushed Oreo biscuits and chopped chocolate. Good appetite!

If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a photo of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood

12 natural ingredients to clean almost anything!

Anyone who wants a clean house, but clean nowadays means more than without dirt and mud. It also means no potentially toxic chemicals. "Clean" your cleaning actions by giving up commercial and toxic products in favor of homemade ones. With this shopping list of basic products that can be found at any store, you can clean almost anything.

Here is what your list of universal cleaning products should contain:

1. Baking soda (baking powder): rub, bleach

Use baking soda to remove odors and whiten. A baking soda paste and water can help whiten sinks and bathtubs, and a box of baking soda in the refrigerator, bathroom or cabinets helps absorb odors.

2. Beeswax: polishing wood

You can forget about the oily products for furniture polish in favor of the all-natural beeswax. Find a local beekeeper, and also support your local economy!

3. Corn starch and soda (or any non-flavored sparkling water): stain removal

For a quick treatment of stains on carpets or curtains, cover the stain with absorbent starch. Leave it on the stain for about 20 minutes, then pour soda / carbonated water to remove the stain. Also try the starch on the oil that dripped on the fabrics. Also for removing stains you can try natural products and have only vegetable ingredients and essential oils.

4. Hydrogen peroxide: disinfection, stain removal

Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) is a powerful disinfectant. To kill the mold, combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to create a paste, apply it to the mold and let it sit for a few minutes before cleaning it.

5. Lemon: removing stains and odors

Lemons are an excellent solution for removing odors from the kitchen. Pass half a lemon over a dirty chopper and remove heavy odors such as onions or fish. Lemon juice adds cleaning power to general cleaning solutions. Read more here:

6. Liquid household soap: foaming power

Liquid household soap (made with olive oil instead of lard) is a general purpose soap, based on olive oil, can be used for washing dishes, cleaning floors and much more. For a clean floor or wall / wall, combine a cup of vinegar with less than four liters of hot water and a few drops of soap.

7. Olive oil: wood polishing

Olive oil can recondition wood naturally, as can skin and hair!

8. Pine oil: cleaning softwood floors

Pine oil naturally reconditions wood floors, and has a fresh scent

9. Essential plant oils: non-chemical scents

Although chemical-free, pure essential oils are powerful. Always test by smelling before buying to make sure you are not sensitive to vapors, and handle pure essential oils with caution. A few drops of essential oil can add antibacterial and antifungal power to a cleaning solution. More important? They leave a fresh scent. Look for pure, undiluted essential oils in dark brown or blue bottles. Keep it in the dark.

10. Salt: friction

The coarse salt will give you strength to remove the fat. To clean stubborn soap stains, combine baking soda and coarse salt and rub.

11. Crystallized baking soda (sodium carbonate): rubbing, staining and degreasing

Laundry soda is a powerful cleansing ingredient that acts like baking soda, but stronger. Use baking soda to clean the toilets, or mix with water for a strong general purpose cleaning solution. Many recommend borax, but recent studies by the Environmental Working Group have found it to be overly harsh. You can replace borax with baking soda, less hard, in almost any recipe.

12. White vinegar: disinfection, removing stains

White vinegar is the energy source of cleansing. By disinfecting and deodorizing, vinegar is a desirable product to get rid of germs that haunt certain places such as kitchen tables / countertops, door handles and telephones.

With a little effort and inventiveness we can eliminate all unnatural chemicals from the house cleaning activity. What other natural solutions do you use? We are waiting for you to share them with us, don't forget here we are learning together!

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4 recipe ideas for a healthy dinner

For most people, dinner is the most important meal of the day, breakfast being taken on the run, and lunch replaced with a sandwich. Obviously, these habits are not beneficial either, but if they belong to you, they should not be accompanied by people with heavy or unhealthy food. Next 4 recipes are healthy and have a caloric content of less than 400 calories, so you can't doubt that they are only good for you.

What are eggplants good for?

Scientific name: Solanum melongena

Eggplants are known in all parts of the world and are very popular. India is said to be the country of origin of this "strange" fruit (it is a fruit because it has seeds).

There are several varieties of eggplant. One type is small, white and looks a lot like an egg, another is long and thin like a bean, while another variety is yellow-orange with green stripes. Eggplants hang on tall plants, which can reach a few meters in height. In our country there is a dark eggplant from which its name is derived.

When choosing an eggplant, you should look for it to be firm and not too big. Small eggplants are less likely to be bitter (a little salt can help with this) and have fewer seeds, although they are edible.

Eggplants are usually served baked, rather than raw or cooked. Grilling is a healthier way to prepare this vegetable and to preserve its natural goodness.

Health benefits of eggplant

Eggplants are a source of many nutrients. They contain fiber and a wide range of vitamins and minerals, such as folic acid, potassium and manganese, as well as vitamins C, K and B6, phosphorus, copper, thiamine, niacin, magnesium and pantothenic acid.

Studies indicate that eggplant has a number of health benefits through all of these ingredients, as well as traditional uses. Sometimes, the leaves and roots are squeezed or boiled to make a tonic for the throat and stomach problems, asthma, skin diseases, rheumatism, inflammation, intestinal bleeding, leg pain, cough, anorexia, toothache or as a general stimulant.

Scientists have found that eggplant varieties contain a large amount of antioxidant phenols. Phenols are known in prevention and development of cancer and heart disease.

Another study found that eggplants contain anthocyanin phytonutrients, such as nasunin, which is a powerful antioxidant that repels free radicals and protects lipids in brain cell membranes.

Many nutritionists warn that too many eggplant portions could cause iron problems. Therefore, it is recommended to be consumed in moderation, especially by people who have a history of various diseases related to iron.

Nutritional information

An average serving of chopped eggplant (82 grams)

Studies performed on Eggplant

Eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes have been tested and found to have antiproliferative activity against colon and liver cancer.

Healthy eggplant recipe:

Eggplant sandwich

  • 3 medium eggplants
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • sea ​​salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 2 yellow bell peppers
  • 12 sun-dried tomatoes
  • 1 call
  • 16 small basil leaves
  1. Cut each eggplant lengthwise into slices. Take the slices and place them on a baking tray. Sprinkle with salt and leave for 20 minutes.
  2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Add the coconut oil and wait until it shines. Add the eggplant slices. Cook until golden brown, about 3 minutes on each side. Drain on a paper towel. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  3. Put the bell pepper on the grill, or on a grill pan, preheated over high heat. Arrange the whole peppers on the grill and cook until the skin is charred, about 5 minutes on each side. Put the peppers in a paper bag. This allows the skin to be removed easily. Allow to cool for about 20 minutes. Cut the bell peppers into strips.
  4. Cut the dried tomatoes into strips.
  5. To assemble the sandwich, put a slice of eggplant on a plate, add a layer of avocado cream, slices of fried peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and basil leaves. To complete the sandwich, place another slice of eggplant on top.

This is the recipe for four servings.

Eggplants have shiny purple skin which indicates a large number of antioxidants.

Eggplant is used as a traditional medicine in some Asian crops.

Recently, scientists have discovered that eggplants contain powerful antioxidant phenols, including anthocyanins, which is important for neutralizing harmful free radicals in the human body.

In European and Middle Eastern cuisine, eggplant is a delicacy, a tradition - especially eggplant salad or baba ghanoush .

Sources for this article: - eggplant

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Happy birthday children, happy birthday childhood!

Today, the first of June, we remember his childhood and relive his beautiful moments with the children of the present moment.

Toy showcases or districts designed for them always catch our eye and unleash our play ideas, but what about a great toy show of all centuries?

I suggest you go to Germany and pay a short visit to a childhood museum!

Located on Karlstrasse 13-15, the Toy Museum in Nuremberg, in a discreet building, well framed in the landscape and not announcing anything of what is to come, is a real gateway to time travel.

Toys, the fruit allowed to both children and us, adults, fascinate us all our lives. In front of them, age no longer matters, it doesn't even exist anymore.

The fairytale world begins with antique exhibits and miniatures of bathrooms or kitchens that fit in matchboxes, miniature carriages, docks and cars, then the miniature of a burg (sandwich or whatever) with a moment in his life.

On the next floor, the words stop instantly and once you enter the world of dolls, only the imagination communicates with reality through the eyes that look unsatisfied at the beautiful specimens of past centuries.

The toys had to be and were the ones that made the world smaller and made children behave like adults without disturbing things in the real world. Miniature sewing machines from the 19th century, mechanical toys from the beginning of their era and stuffed animals complete the decor and take you, slowly, to true masterpieces of miniaturization, shops, workshops or interiors of the houses of the time. The dishes, the shapes of the cakes, the hobs or the hearths, the bedrooms and the living rooms seem to have been only reduced to the fragile little hands that were going to rearrange them in every way.

There is no lack of roller skates, sleds, scooters and even a pair of forerunners of the famous rollers, made of wood, with two wheels and leather straps to catch the legs. Our eyes will also be attracted by the lead soldier and other metals, miniatures of citizens and townspeople, athletes or famous people, some very similar to today's souvenirs.

The boys must rest assured that they have not been forgotten and not only will they enjoy the mechanical toys but also various "giant" metal constructions, truck cranes, Big Wheel, obtained from DIY games, meant to develop the imagination and skill of the future " screwdrivers ”.

Cars and trains have their own area that holds many visitors for good minutes, but for them I will have another recommendation.

From the famous green frog & # 8211 Kermit follows the modern, electronic toys, the toys of the last two decades, but which are the least admired. Why?

A…. not to forget! If it's all about Nuremberg and toys, preparations have already begun for next year's biggest trade fair, which will take place between January 31 and February 4, an additional opportunity to feel like children, to feel what we are, with faces that betray the guilt of not being able to detach ourselves from the most beautiful part of our lives!

Feast of local cheeses and cheeses in Horodiște. How it was at Say Cheese Day 2018. PHOTO and VIDEO

The village of Horodiște in Rezina district also hosted the second edition of the & bdquoSay Cheese Day & rdquo event, dedicated to cheeses and cheeses made in Moldova. It was organized by & icircn in partnership with the Franco-Moldovan Solidarity Association & bdquoVent d'Est "(cheese producer and host of the event) with the support of the Association Pro Regional Cooperation through the project & bdquoMilk & rdquo.

Like last year, the event was organized in order to support local producers, to encourage the consumption of cheeses made in Moldova and to promote active tourism.

The holiday gathered about 400 guests from the country and abroad who wanted to discover the diversity of products made in Moldova. They had the opportunity to taste a wide variety of cheeses and cheeses from 15 producers in the country.

Producers who were present at the event:

1. Wind D & rsquoEst (Tome, Reblochon)
2. The living room of Baciului (Pecorino (cheeses matured for 11 and 24 months), Pecorino & icircn wine (30 days) and Caciotta)
3. Dancu Tabita Public Association (Gouda, Gouda favorite, Geak classic, Geak spicy, Cheddar classic)
4. SA Butter factory in Floresti - Milk Mark (cheese & bdquoNetherlands & rdquo 45%, cheese & bdquoPoşehonie & rdquo 45%, cheese & bdquoRosiiskii & rdquo 50%, br & acircnză & bdquode Bessarabia & rdquo 30%, br & acircnză melted & bdquoDel)
5. GT Hajajra Natalia / UAPA (some types of goat cheese)
6. Vilador (br & acircnză de capra de Măgura).

Producers who participated indirectly in the event, offering products for tastings:

7. SA JLC (simple suluguni, smoked suluguni, Codru cheese, classic melted cheese, melted ham with ham, melted cheese with mushrooms)
8. VC Saturn-13 SRL / BraviLacta (Andrieș cheese, mozzarella, pizza mozzarella, melted cheese)
9. Lactis SA (Dutch cheese, Gouda)
10. & IcircM SA Cheese factory in Soroca / Lactalis Alba (hard cheese & bdquoNetherlands & rdquo, hard cheese & bdquoRossiiskii & rdquo; smoked melted cheese & bdquode Bessarabia & rdquo; melted cheese pasta with cream, melted cheese pasta with ham)
11. MET SA PRODUSE IMPEX SRL / De Drochia (Cheese & bdquoDe Drochia & rdquo Fresh 35%, cheese & bdquoDe Drochia & rdquo Royal 35%, Br & acircnză & bdquoDe Drochia & rdquo matured 35% (Feta), Mozzarella & icircn brine 35%)
12. Farm with Origini SRL / Fresco Latte (Mozzarella Ricotta Provola Scamorza Canestrato Burrata, Pizza Mozzarella, Cow Butter)
13. & IcircI Oganes Vardanean (semi-hard cheese & bdquoLiada & rdquo; semi-hard cheese & bdquoArtur & rdquo)
14. Avacon & ndash Prim SRL (simple suluguni and smoked suluguni)
15. SA Cahul cheese factory (Estonski cheese 45%, Tezaur cheese 40% fat, Moldovan brine cheese 40%).

The public had the opportunity to taste a wide variety of cheeses and cheeses, both industrial, artisanal and artisanal. Some of these producers are unknown to consumers in the country, many of them finding out for the first time that in Moldova cheeses are made according to Italian, Dutch, French or even Armenian technologies. The products could be tasted during several Cheese & Wine Pairing sessions held in the cellar, but also in a final tasting.

In addition to promoting the producers, & bdquoSay Cheese Day & rdquoa also aimed to develop rural tourism, the participants benefiting from activities such as hiking in the area with visiting the waterfalls of Ț & icircpova, Dragon Spring and cart rides through the village of Horodiște. Everyone had the opportunity to relax, to spend time in nature and to discover the beautiful places near the village of Horodiște.

Numerous fun activities and games were also organized at the event, both for children and adults.

The project would also like to thank other local producers who were our partners in the event & bdquoSay Cheese Day & rdquo:

Biant who offered us nuts, almonds and raisins for tasting

Furnaki who offered us 2 types of artisanal p & acircine (gr & acircu and rye)

Ewig who offered us homemade egg noodles, which were served with br & acircnză & icircn during the pr & acircnz table.

Tehnorol who offered us disposable tableware

Wine school & ndash Wine school and representative Anastasia Sara, for the Cheese & Wine Pairing lessons for the sound installations offered

brand Unicorn who, in addition to participating in tastings, had the opportunity to sell their wine during the event

As well as wine producers Doina vin, Pelican Negru, Vinuri de Comrat, Gogu, Maurt, Apriori.

& bdquoSay Cheese Day & rdquo 2018 edition was a relaxing event, which was meant to bring people closer to nature. The purpose of the event was to discover local producers, as well as to promote agro and adventure tourism.

Video: Burgas 2010 IDSF International Open ST Hristoskov Victor u0026 Stoeva Karina - QuickStep