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Pretzel and Gusher Butterfly

Pretzel and Gusher Butterfly

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    How to make your pretzel butterfly: Melt the white chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl, about 30 seconds at a time until the mixture is fairly smooth. Put the bottoms of 2 pretzel twists together and adhere together with the melted chocolate. Break off 2 pieces for antennas, and stick on with more melted chocolate. Dip the one side a gusher in the melted chocolate and place a different colored gusher to the outer holes in the pretzel twists. Let dry until the chocolate is hard to the touch and display creatively using terra cotta pots or even connecting the pretzels to lollipop sticks using melted chocolate!

  • Butterfly Day – Recipe – Pretzel Butterflies: Healthy Version

    If you want to make Dragonflies instead, just use longer celery!!

    As a strategy, I would suggest making the Celery Butterflies before you make the Candy Butterflies. You will have a much better response. I promise.



    You could buy the pre-cut celery and save a step

    1 tub Whipped Cream Cheese

    1/2 Cup Small Pretzel Twists

    Wash and cut celery into 2 inch slices.

    Other than cutting the celery, the kids can do all of this by themselves (and the older kids can cut the celery)

    Spread cream cheese in celery

    Of COURSE cream cheese is healthy. It's calcium..right?

    Insert two pretzels into cream cheese (single opening toward the body)

    The cream cheese holds the wings in place

    Break a pretzel into antennae and insert at top of celery

    Sometimes I put the antennae facing in. but I think I like this best.

    Place three raisins on the cream cheese for the body.

    When the kids eat these, they love to pull the wings off and dip them into the cream cheese. Gruesome.

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    Actually, cream cheese is considered part of the fats category, rather than daisy on the Food Pyramid, because it is so high in fat compared to protein. However, neufchatel cheese is much lower in fat. Lowfat cream cheese is even lower, but tastes funky to me. However, if you puree it with herbs and roasted veggies (I use radishes or beets usually, but carrots, peppers, and zucchini are fun too,) you don’t notice the funky lowfat flavor at all!

    You are absolutely right. I will have to change the name to Health(ier) version! I’m from the Dairy State (Wisconsin), so I must subconsciously reject the idea that cream cheese or really any cheese might not be the perfect health treat. BTW, popped over to your neighborhood and love your blog. Great bento lunch ideas!

    Butterfly Day – Recipe – Pretzel Butterflies

    I just love the mix of sweet and salty in these little Butterfly Pretzels.

    You can eat these little butterflies just as they are, or they look pretty perched on a cupcake (even better if the cupcake is decorated with flowers). I’m giving you a recipe for 2 dozen, but obviously you can adjust based on your need. You can store these for a few days in a tightly covered container, so why not make a few extra?.



    Did I count out the M & Ms? No. I did not.

    58 Small Pretzel Twists (you will need 48 for the body and the rest for the antennae. Good place to use up the broken pieces)

    1 Cup Candy Melts (you COULD use white chocolate bits, but this just sets up better)

    120 M & Ms (I use the brown ones for the head, so don’t eat all of them before you start….)

    Line large cookie sheet with parchment paper.

    Put the Candy Melts in the zip loc bag or in the decorating bag.

    Don't cut the end yet, or you will have quite a mess.

    Microwave for 30 seconds. Knead bag.

    You can see that some of them have melted, so moosh it around a bit and put it back in the microwave.

    Microwave again for another 30 seconds, and knead bag again. Continue doing this until completely melted.

    Perfect. Be sure you close the top of the bag before you knead the melted candy. I twist the top of the bag and fold it over once.

    Cut corner of zip loc bag or cut tip of disposable bag.

    Nothing Fancy. If you wanted, you could melt the candy and then put it into a decorator bag with a tip. But. let's not forget. it's a butterfly body.

    The bag will be very hot, so don’t let the kids pipe the candy until it cools off. If you are piping the candy, just put a hot mitt on first.

    Put a line (about 1 inch) of the melted candy every three inches on the cookie sheet.

    A very CLEVER Grandma would tell a story about how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

    Arrange pretzel twists on cookie sheet in groups of 2 with single-hole sides of pretzels touching to form butterfly wing. Anchor them in the melted candy.

    You don't need a lot of the candy, just enough to keep the pretzels from moving around.

    Squeeze bag to pipe thin zigzag of melted candy between the pretzels to look like bodies of butterflies. Pipe melted candy into each hole in wings
    Break remaining pretzels into pieces for antennae place 2 pieces at top of each butterfly between wings.

    When you are doing this with the kids, you would pipe the body and the dots in the wings. Then they can place the candy.

    Put brown candy between antennae for head.

    This is why I told you not to eat all the Brown M & Ms.

    Put an M & M into each of the holes with melted candy.

    Let stand until set, about 30 minutes. Remove from parchment paper and enjoy.

    If one is cute, a rabble (I checked it out, a group of butterflies is a rabble or a swarm) is even cuter!!

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    Butterfly Pretzels

    Ahh, the first day of Spring. At least for some of us. The forecast, per the usual, isn’t looking too bright for us Minnesota peeps. But at the very least we can start thinking or rather, dreaming of Spring and things such as flowers, grass and warmer weather. I really need all that I can get to remind me that it will eventually get nicer. To say it’s been a rough winter would be an understatement. I don’t want to complain or anything, but seriously…anyone with me? Midwesterners, East coast friends?! I know we’re not alone here.

    I was inspired to make these from a cupcake I saw on Pinterest about a year ago. These were very simple to make and look how cute they turned out! You could easily serve these on their own or also use them as a cupcake/cake topper.

    I had some leftover Valentine M&M’s and they worked perfectly for Spring colors – I just left out the red colored ones! Or you could always buy Spring colored ones – haha.

    Make sure you buy the dippingsticks because normal pretzel sticks won’t be nearly wide enough to support an M&M.

    Also, when you dip the pretzel stick in the Vanilla CANDIQUIK, let it sit for a couple minutes before you attach the M&M’s because they are heavy and might slide to one side if the coating hasn’t started to set.

    If you wanted to, you could even add a couple dots for eyes, but I think they are perfectly cute as-is!

    A Sweet and Salty Treat

    While these cute butterfly pretzels might take a little time to create they are so worth it. The bright colors make me think and feel spring! And the sweet and salty treat is the best in my opinion. So good!! The kids had a great time putting these butterflies together&hellipnow I am excited to find the perfect party or gathering that these sweet treats would be perfect for.

    Butterfly Garden

    Tint Butter Frosting with food coloring to desired color(s) use to frost tops of Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes.

    For butterfly cupcakes, place six pairs of pretzels on sheets of waxed paper. Place each color of the candy coating in a microwave-safe bowl microwave, one bowl at a time, on 100 percent power (high) for 30 seconds. Stir microwave for 20 to 30 seconds more or until melted. Place each color in a separate pastry bag fitted with a round tip or in a heavy resealable plastic bag. Snip off a corner from each plastic bag.

    For pretzel wings, pipe different colors of candy coating into the spaces in the pretzels until filled, decorating each pretzel pair the same way. Let pretzel wings stand until firm (or transfer the pretzel wings on the waxed paper to a cookie sheet and chill about 15 minutes or until firm).

    Carefully peel wings from waxed paper. Insert a pair of wings into the frosting on top of each of six cupcakes so they stand up in a V shape. Place a piece of rainbow-color licorice between each pair of wings for the body. Add a gumdrop head to each. If desired, add black licorice for antennae. Pipe on eyes and nose with chocolate or black frosting.

    For flower cupcakes, arrange two circles of jelly beans at an angle in frosting around edges of the remaining six cupcakes. Sprinkle miniature chocolate pieces in centers of jelly bean cupcakes. Makes 12 (2-1/2-inch) cupcakes.

    Remove the dough from the bowl and split into 5 even balls. Form each ball into a tube of dough approximately 24 inches long. Using two fingers, press the tubes into flat rectangles about 1 inch wide. Lay one fifth of the cheese along the center of each of the rectangles, oriented so that the longest sides of each piece of cheese is parallel to the longest sides of the rectangle.

    Pinch and crimp the edges of each dough rectangle over the cheese, sealing the cheese inside. Repeat the crimping where any holes develop. Press the seam of the crimps down onto itself in order to seal the cheese more reliably. Tightly roll the dough into a spiral with the seam facing to the inside, adding another layer of protection. Prepare a baking tray with a sheet of parchment paper and a healthy spray of nonstick cooking oil.

    Pretzel Butterfly Party Food Idea

    All you need to make these delicious pretzel butterflies are 6 simple ingredients! It doesn’t get much more simple than that!

    Ingredients to make this simple party food idea

    35 (give or take – have the kiddos count ’em out) small pretzel twists

    35 (another job for the kids!) pecan halves, lightly toasted and salted

    1 (8 ounces) package Rolo Unwrapped Caramel Candies

    Coloured candy melts, optional

    1. Prepare your pretzels. Put two pretzels next to each other so that it looks like two wings. Break off small pieces of the stick pretzels. These will become antennas.
    2. Melt your Candy Melts as directed on the back of the package. It’s really easy to do in the microwave.
    3. Put your melted chocolate into a squeeze bottle. Tip: To make sure chocolate doesn’t harden within the bottle, boil some water and then take it off the heat. Stick chocolate squeeze bottle in the warm water when not in use. Make sure to wipe off squeeze bottle when in use so you don’t get water in the chocolate.
    4. Squeeze chocolate into the center of each pretzel hole. Smooth with the tip of your bottle.
    5. Squeeze chocolate in a line over where the pretzels meet to bond them together. Do an extra squeeze at the top where the head will go.
    6. Add a Sixlet for the head. Add two extra chocolate dots where you want the antennas to go. Attach those.
    7. Once done with a tray of butterflies, put them in the refrigerator to solidify. This only takes minutes to harden.
    8. Store in the refrigerator or at room temperature if not too hot.

    This project was so easy that the kids could help do it. They had a lot of fun preparing the party food with me. I love having them in the kitchen helping. It is such a bonding time.

    12 ’90s Recipes That Will Make You Nostalgic

    For millennials, the ’90s were a pivotal time in shaping us as the creative and unique generation we are today. They were also full of heavily marketed junk food advertisements that drew us in and had us begging for more on every grocery trip. Cookie Crisp? Ate it on the daily. Dunkaroos? Our fave snack! Sadly, many of our beloved treats are now discontinued. BUT, with just a few ingredients (the kind you’d save for an easy afternoon snack), you can make just about anything you want in your own adult kitchen. For the perfect ’90s night in, save Friends in your Netflix queue, hit up your squad on AIM, pin your hair back with some butterfly clips and blast Spice Girls while making these 12 ‘90s-themed recipes — Capri Sun cocktail included!

    Homemade Ice Pops:


    Homemade Bagel Bites

    Four o’clock in the afternoon meant it was time to run in from school to catch N’Sync on the latest episode of TRL and warm up some Bagel Bites in the microwave. Today, we have to catch Carson Daly on The Voice, and we prefer our mini bagel pizzas topped with fresh tomato and mozzarella. (via Spache the Spatula)

    Cake Batter Dip

    R.I.P Dunkaroos. The portable dessert dipper of our childhood may be no more, but thankfully, it’s incredibly easy to replicate yourself. Sugar rush, here we come. (via Fresh April Flours)

    Capri Sun Cocktail in a Pop-Rocks-Rimmed Glass:


    Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal

    />If your Saturday mornings didn’t consist of binge-watching Recess while simultaneously inhaling Cookie Crisp cereal, you were seriously missing out. Good thing it’s never too late to make your own cookie cereal at home. (via Half Baked Harvest)

    Dorito Casserole

    This casserole may seem a little unconventional, but trust us — it’s all that and a bag of chips. Plus, you don’t have to get dreaded cheese dust fingers. Using a whole rotisserie chicken for the filling also gives this dish an extra dose of protein, so you don’t have to feel guilty about having two servings for dinner. (via The Wicked Noodle)

    DIY Gemstone Gummies

    Fruit Gushers were the bomb when we were younger. How fun would it be to make your own batch and give them away as gifts? A few extra supplies (gem silicone mold, for one) and just a couple ingredients are all you need to make it happen. (via Swooned)

    Fruit Loop Glazed Donuts

    Sure, you could technically have a bowl of Fruit Loops whenever you please. But isn’t it so much more satisfying to enjoy them on top of a homemade donut? We say YES. Just don’t feel bad if you eat all dozen donuts in one sitting… (via Sweetest Menu)

    Fruit & Yogurt Push-Pops

    The thrill of trying to eat our push-pops quicker than they could melt (which was really quick) was like no other. With the help of some clever packaging, we can now have that thrill over and over again. (via The Noshery)

    Homemade Butterfinger BBs

    Why they ever discontinued Butterfingers BBs, we’ll never know. At least we have this homemade version to fall back on. Bart Simpson would definitely have a hard time keeping people away from these. (via Meal Planner Pro)

    Easy Nectarine Blueberry Fruit Roll-Ups

    Store-bought Fruit Roll-Ups are *so* basic. You can use any fruit combo you want with this simple method. The only things they’re missing are the tongue tattoos we loved in the ’90s, but natural flavors make up for that oversight. (via Kevin Is Cooking)

    Homemade Nutella Toaster Strudels

    Toaster Strudels were THE breakfast on the go in the ’90s. Too bad for us, Nutella hadn’t quite made its American mark back then. But now you can have them whenever and wherever you like, thanks to this recipe. (via Bake With Christina)

    Butterfly Bagels

    My daughter is a bagel addict. She could completely live off of bagels if I let her. After a while I get bored with just a plain old bagel and cream cheese. She also really likes butterflies. We are moving soon and she might have an all butterfly room! I’m a little nervous to over do the butterflies in case she changes her mind but I don’t think butterflies can go out of style. I made these cute butterfly bagels for her as a snack and she loved them! Add sprinkles to anything and she will love them. It may not be something to have every day but for a fun creative snack or a spring party butterfly bagels are a cute way to dress up plain bagels. Plus, they are incredibly easy to put together. You don’t have to have sprinkles, you could add cute cut out fresh fruit too. I tried to do that with my daughter but she wanted her fruit on the side and had the butterflies pretend to eat the fruit. However she has the fruit I am happy with as long as she eats it too. I think these bagels would be adorable for a brunch with kids and adults. Who knows the adults might like them even more than the kids!

    What you need to make them:

    plain bagels, mini bagels are good for a party

    1. Open up bagel. Then cut the half in half as shown above.
    2. Switch sides for the halves so the part that was cut is facing the outside.
    3. Spread cream cheese on top.
    4. Spread sprinkles on the edge of the right and left side.
    5. Take a knife and poke a hole in the top of the bagel towards the middle on both sides as shown above.
    6. Break a pretzel stick in half. Insert one half on the right side and one on the left.

    They look so cute and were really easy to make. You can also take plain cream cheese and use food coloring to add color. They could be orange or yellow!

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